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Male Fertility

Oxidative Stress impacting the male reproductive tract is now considered a key male fertility factor. Recently, a large study in couples seeking fertility assistance revealed the presence of oxidative stress in about 60% of men. Read on to find out the causes and learn more about your reproductive health.

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Becoming pregnant is an amazing experience which changes one's life forever. For a successful conception, the male reproductive tract must be fully optimized for nutritional health before attempting pregnancy. As a man, many lifestyle choices may impact your reproductive health including the health of your sperm.

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About Fertilix®

Fertilix®is the first range of antioxidant formulations scientifically designed to reduce oxidative stress in the male reproductive tract, allowing the growth of healthier sperm cells and optimizing the chances of a healthy conception.


Available in three strengths to provide personalized support based on your lifestyle:

        Fertilix® - Preconceptual
        Fertilix® - Low Dose
        Fertilix® - Max

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